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About me

I’m Bryn Richards. I’m a techie founder with over 10 years of business experience. I love working with other founders. I can support your business to win funding, organise and grow.

I’ve been self-employed since 2007, I won my first VC investment after signing a major European car maker as a customer for my patented electric motor technology. I’ve won > $20m USD in investment and grants for various businesses. My first start-up is now supplying the ZeroAvia project

Many countries now have a new tax code for Research & Development where you can claim back up to 25% of what you spend on your innovation. You may also be eligible for EU grants, domestic grants, the EIT Network, Eureka Eurostars, ERA-Net and others

If you could let me know what your funding needs are, I might be able to support.


R&D Tax Credits

I managed a London team specialising in R&D tax credits. The key to a strong claim is a detailed technical understanding of the OECD definition of R&D. Check out the Frascati Manual. The UK, Ireland, and many other countries around the world use this definition of R&D as the basis for their specific tax codes. With a proper understanding of the OECD definition, the technical tax advisor can identify and justify all of the qualifying R&D activities undertaken by your organisation.

UK tax code highlights: Reclaim 33% of qualifying R&D expenditure as a tax credit (cash in hand) or a larger tax saving in the previous two financial periods.

ROI tax code highlights: Reclaim 25% of qualifying R&D expenditure as a tax credit (cash in hand) or tax saving from the most recently completed financial period.

How I work:

I work on commission only — no up-front fees. I only get paid when you do.

I work directly with your accountant or bookkeeper to gather all the information needed for the claim, which I summarise and discuss with you in preparing the financial claim. Then we talk about your technical project activities, and I construct a claim narrative report.

I keep working with you in between tax returns to help optimise contracts and bookkeeping policites from an R&D tax perspective. 

I’m also willing to review past claims and advise if I believe you can resubmit to claim more relief. 

Where needed, I can apply for HMRC Advance Assurance.


The best grant funding opportunities require you to stretch your business model and work with others. They are distracting. Rather than chasing and possibly missing some of the myriad opportunities, let me find the partners, pitch the project idea back to you, and then find the best grant programme to fund it. I’ll bring you opportunities rather than distractions.

Grant readiness is an intensive business consultancy activity that overlaps with investment readiness. I will often work with you for up to three months before we agree to target a specific grant opportunity. I am an experienced business advisor and biz dev officer and a member of the Advisory Council of the Institute for Collaborative Working.

How I work:

I charge an up-front fee to start working intensively on your business plan, revenue model and business development, suggesting complementary additions and opportunities along the way.

I charge again for preparing and submitting a grant application, or as many as it takes to win funding (up to three submissions, provided that appropriate resubmission opportunities are available).

I charge a success fee upon winning funding, and I manage projects for an additional fee if required.

There are so many different types of grants available, each with their own requirements and cash flow implications. Click ‘learn more’ to contact me, so we can construct a staged access to finance plan for your business.


Other Consultancy Services

I offer additional services including:
• IP portfolio planning
• License agreements
• Company policies
• Due diligence packs
• Non-exec support
• Managing a Board / investors
• Working with large enterprise partners
• Exit planning

Service Provider Relationships

Accountants and other professional service providers can earn commissions for referring their clients. Keep your clients happy and well looked after. Help ensure that they benefit from every available funding opportunity. Please contact me for details.


R & D Grants come to Ireland

The Republic of Ireland is feeling the benefits of R&D tax credits

Many EU member countries have introduced R&D tax relief in the second half of the 2010s. These are like the UK in that they follow the OECD definition of R&D. The Republic of Ireland stands out in the EU as one of the few countries that offers tax credits — immediate cash payments to loss-making companies (eg. start-ups) investing in R&D.

Horizon Europe grant program is announced

The successor to Horizon 2020 is finally here

As part of the Brexit deal, the UK remains a partner in Horizon Europe programmes, and UK companies can access these grants.

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